Application Registration

This page allows to register an OpenID Connect enabled application. You will ne asked to login when clicking the Register button.

Please provide details about the operator of the application

The operator is the legal entity responsible for the application. It can either be an organization or an individual natural person.

In case that you register the application as an idividual, please provide your contact details.

* indicates required input.

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Which type of application do you like to register?

The Authorization Server supports different types of applications. Depending on which type you select, particular conditions are applied.

  • A client-side Web-Application runs inside the Web-Browser and must use the OAuth2 Implicit Grant
  • A server-side Web-Application runs on a Web Server and must use the OAuth2 Authorization Code Grant
  • A Mobile application must use the Authorization Code Grant and a redirect URI with application specific scheme, not http: or https:
  • A Desktop application must use the Authorization Code Grant with a redirect URI specific for the application.
  • A Service application must use the Client Credentials Grant and therefore has no redirect URI.

  • Please provide details about your application

    The general information is required meta information about the application. The email address is required to make sure we can contact you if it matters.

    The related information that you must provide is relevant to release access tokens to your application.

    In case that either the Terms of Use or the Privacy Statement changes you must register a new version of the application to reflect the use of the new version.

    General information

    Software Version ?

    Application Name ?

    Application Logo URL ?

    Application Terms of Use URL ?

    Personal Data related settings

    The default setting (no scopes selected) means that the user of the application must successfully login but after that the user acts anonymously.

    By selecting the scope "Cryptoname" the user's identifier will be requested and used to generate the Cyrptoname. This scope does not require GDPR compliance, as no personal information is requested. And the Cryptoname is a non trackable, one way hash generated for the user that cannot be resolved to the real identity.
    The scope "idp" does not include personal information. The information associated with this scope help to identify the login entity - the IdP.
    The scope "Profile" and "Email" result in transfer of personal information. Therefore, the application must operate under GDPR compliance.

    By selecting one or multiple Scopes (please select as required) the application is able to fetch personal information. Which personal information is linked with each scope is defined in the Privacy Statement of this service.

    Scope Cryptoname
    Scope Profile
    Scope Email
    Scope IdP

    You can provide a space seperated list of application specific scopes in the field below. Please note that these scopes will not provide access to personal data.

    License information

    Creative Commons License URL ?

    I agree to the The Terms of Use of this service and confirm that operating this application does not violate any provisions set forth in the Privacy Statement of this service.